Bow Hunter Education Internet + Field Course - 09/20/2020 - (860094)

Class #860094

This course is no longer available for registration.
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Sep 20
08:00 am - 12:00 pm
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
1 Wildlife Circle
Austwell, TX 77950
Make sure you come to the main headquarters to the refuge.Get directions
Instructor: Juan Cruz

The Online + Field Course is ideal for young bow hunters who already have been shooting archery and/or bow hunting. Adults should still assist them with the online course and accompany them during the field course.

The certification process consists of two parts:

  1. Online coursework: Complete the pay-for Online Bowhunter Education Course.
  2. Pre-register for and attend a “Field Course” with a TPWD-certified bowhunter education instructor.
  3. NOTE: Search and register for a field course prior to taking the online bowhunter education course.

**If you are unable to find a Field Course near you or in the time frame you need, place your information on our Wait List. We will contact instructors in your area and attempt to schedule a course.**

When you arrive at the Field Course site:

  • Bring the “Field Day” Certificate (Voucher)
  • Pay the $15 fee to the instructor.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude while completing the Field Day
  • Take the written exam and score at least 75% correct to pass.
  • Upon successful completion of Parts 1 and 2, you will PRINT out your permanent card once the instructor submits an online payment. The instructor will let you know. You may legally bow hunt with a valid Texas hunting license and proof of bow hunter education on certain areas (e.g. Hagerman NWR; Granite Shoals Urban Bow Hunt) or in other states  that require such certification in addition to their state’s hunter education requirements.
  • Note: A bowhunter education certificate does not take the place of a hunter education certificate or state requirement.
This class is being held at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on September 20, 2020 at the Youth Education Training Area which is down pass the fishing pier on the left, it starts at 8:00 AM (Make sure you are on time). Make sure you bring your certification  from the online portion. If you have signed up for the Aransas National Wildlife Archery Hunt through TPWD draw hunts here at the Refuge and you get selected for the hunt you will get to come out and set your stand up in advance before the rest of the hunters get their opportunity because you are taking this class. You will get to set your blinds up and start scouting when you get dismissed from the class on Sunday afternoon. The things you should bring with you to the class are maybe snacks, insect repellent, drinks and food since we will be taking a 30 minute lunch. This class will be held in a screen porch so we need to keep in mind that we need to wear mask and practice social distance during the class at all time. There will be a live fire 3d Target shoot so make sure you bring your bow and arrows with practice points. This is part of the course so you need to make sure you bring them with you. Keep in mind if you are going to go out and scout you may want to wear snake proof boots. If you want to flag your hunt area make sure you bring white flagging tape that is bio-degradable. You will be able to purchase it on sight if needed. If you have any questions or cannot get register for the course call me at 361-557-0945 (JJ Cruz).