Hunter Education Internet + Field Course - 09/12/2020 - (842552)

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Sep 12
10:00 am - 01:00 pm
Sep 19
10:00 am - 01:00 pm
7030 E FM 1431
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Instructor: Maurice Dowdy

About the Course

The Internet + Field Course is ideal for those under 17 years of age and adults wanting a more hands-on field and live-fire experience during the basic course. We recommend younger students be accompanied by an adult during the field course. The certification process consists of two parts:

  • Online Course: Complete the FREE TPWD on NRA online course option.
  • Field Course: Attend a course with a TPWD certified instructor. The fee for the Field Course is $15.00. Some instructors may charge additional fees associated with a shooting range or other facility.

ONLINE COURSE: Free Online courses include TPWD and NRA. For TPWD, please print out the results of the FINAL QUIZ. For NRA, please print off the Field Course Voucher. Both allow you entry to an approved Field Course. Be sure to register for a known field course near you prior to taking the online course. Note: If you search a browser for an online course, you may get information about PAY-FOR courses which apply only to those 17 years of age or older.

FIELD COURSE: A Field Course is typically completed in about 4 hours (min.) a discussion of ethics, a skills course and live-fire exercises. You must pre-register for this course, preferably before you complete the free online course.

ARRIVAL: When you arrive at the Field Course:

  • Pay the $15 fee to the instructor. Some instructors may charge additional fees for a shooting range or other facility.
  • Demonstrate good knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • Take the written exam and score at least 75% to pass.

More questions? Check our FAQ page.

Hunter Education Internet + Field Course

This course has been modified to minimize the risk of 
spreading the COVID-19 virus. In addition to the 
original self-guided online Internet portion of the 
course that students take on their own, the classroom 
lecture portion and final testing will also be completed 
online. The remainder of the class consisting of the 
field and shooting exercises will be conducted in an 
outdoor setting using appropriate social distancing, 
PPE (mask will be mandatory), and good hygiene practices 
to insure safety of the participants.

Online Lecture:  Date:  September 12, 2020
                          Time:  10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Field and Shooting Exercise:  Date:  September 19, 2020
                                                Time:  10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Copperhead Creek Shooting Club
7030 E FM 1431
Marble Falls, TX 78654
Phone: (830) 265-4956

Instructor: Maurice Dowdy

The field and shooting exercise at this location will include live fire 
with a selection of hunting guns including .22 rimfire rifles and 20 
gauge shotgun. Thus, there are additional fees to cover range use, 
liability coverage, and facilities fees of $10 per student. Add the 
Texas Parks & Wildlife course fee and the total is $25 per student. 
At the time of the field and shooting exercise, we will complete 
registration. You may pay in cash or be prepared to write a check. 
The instructor cannot process credit cards.

The Copperhead Creek Shooting Club is located on and is part of 
the Hidden Falls Adventure Park. All class participants will need 
to check in at the main gate of the park in order to be issued a 
guest placard for their vehicle prior to proceeding to the gun club.

For more information on the Copperhead Creek Shooting Club at 
the Hidden Falls Adventure Park refer to website:

All class participants will need to check in and sign a release of 
liability for the range and complete class registration at the 
dedicated range facility that will be prominently marked prior to 
arriving at the gun club building.

About the Course

This course is designed for novice or young hunters, ages 9 years 
and above. The course covers the core competencies of firearm 
and hunting safety, hunting ethics, and wildlife conservation. 
All materials are provided. You must preregister for this course 
via the the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education website. 
The student will then be expected to complete the self-guided 
online portion of the course on their own. The lecture portion 
of the Hunter Education Classroom Course that is normally 
conducted in a physical class room will be conducted online 
instead and is expected to take a maximum of 3 hours. Following 
this, the student will then take the final Hunter Education 
certification test online. A score of 75% is required to pass. 
Prior to the field and shooting exercise, the remaining 
check-in which will include payment of fees and verification of 
completion of online work including testing will be done at the 
same outdoor range facility where the field and shooting 
exercise will be conducted.

Courses are offered across the state year round and are taught 
by certified volunteer instructors. The fee for the certification 
is $15. Some instructors may apply additional charges for the 
class, such as range or facility fees. Preregistration is required. 
Check with the instructor for directions and any special instructions 
prior to going to class.Be sure to verify with the instructor that 
the class you are registering for is the Hunter Education Internet + 
Field Course.You may also contact your local Texas Parks and 
Wildlife Department office or call TPWD Austin headquarters at 
1-800-792-1112, ext. 4999.

The online class lecture will be on September 12 from 10:00 AM to 
1:00 PM. All students must have Internet access and supply a valid 
e-mail address at preregistration to receive the link for the online
class lecture. 

The field craft and shooting exercises will be on September 19 with 
four different time slots available during the time period of 
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The exercises are expected to last a total of 
45 minutes and students will be required to sign up for one of 
the available time slots so that no more than 10 students will be 
participating in these exercises at any one time. Instructions on 
signing up for field exercise time slots will be given during the 
online lecture portion of the class. This class offering includes 
live fire and is best for students with limited experience with 
firearms that would benefit from live fire experience with multiple 
guns including shotguns and rifles. Since this class includes a live 
fire exercise, all participants will need to sign a gun club release 
of liability in order to participate. 

When you arrive at the field portion of the course:

- Check in with the class instructor.
- Pay the fee to the instructor.
- Submit documentation of online course participation including 
  test completion.
- Participate in the field and shooting exercises.

Upon successful completion, your permanent Texas Hunter 
Education certification card will be available for 
downloading and printing from your Account Profile.

More questions? Check the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter 
Education FAQ page. Register now.

Online Lecture Course Syllabus : (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
- Weapons / Firearms Fundamentals for Hunters
- Safety in the Outdoors
- Hunting Laws
- Hunter Ethics
- Summary / Recap -- "Shoot - Don't Shoot"

- SAFETY, safe hunting
- Basics for hunting
- ETHICS - basic issues in sportsmanship for hunting

- Live Fire

o .22 LR rifles on steel swinger targets or stationary clay birds at a 
   short but safe range
o 20 gauge shotgun with birdshot on hand thrown clay bird targets 

Students must be large enough to fire a rifle or shotgun offhand. As 
per range rules, students under the age of 18 must have a parent 
or guardian present during live fire.

Minors under 9 years of age will not shoot in the live fire exercise.

Firearms and ammo will be provided by the instructor for the live fire 

The Live Fire is not a test of marksmanship or a requirement for the 
Basic course as knowledge of safe firearm handling techniques is 
the course requirement. Shooting is not required to pass the course.

The Live Fire exercise is intended to be fun and expose the shooter
to multiple types of shooting including: 22 rimfire for plinking 
and small game and 20 gauge shotgun for field hunting. Live fire 
starts with 22 long rifle rimfire. This is very low / almost nil 
recoil. Shooting will be conducted at one of the club's gun ranges. 
Thus, it's lots of fun and a safe environment. Shooting is an 
option that the student shooter makes. Parents are encouraged to 
support whatever decision a youth hunter makes and to be an 
observer during live fire.

Participants not demonstrating competent gun handling will have 
restricted live fire opportunities.

If the student demonstrates safe gun handling techniques and can 
put rounds on target, they may get the option for additional 
shooting / weapons / calibers.

While on the range, the Range Master / Range Safety Officer has 
complete authority over shooting to promote & improve range 
safety. All activities on the range are subject to the Range 
Master approval.


Key points for this class:

A) Please bring pen and notepad for taking notes.
B) Please bring a set of ear and eye protection for Live Fire
C) Dress appropriately for the outside weather: hats, coats, and 
D) Likewise bring water / drinks during class.
E) Registration for the class is done on-line
     Check-in / payments are made at the beginning of the field 
     exercises portion of the class.
G) If a student is under 9 years old, they must be accompanied at 
     the class. Parents are welcome to attend and monitor/audit the 
     class for free.
H) Only those requesting a certificate of completion will be charged 
     the $15 TPWCD fee for the class. All those who participate in the 
     Live Fire portion of the class will need to pay the $10 range fee.
I)  All will need to sign a release of liability.
J) Minor students must have a parent or guardian with them at the 
     beginning of the course to sign their release.

I truly want everyone of my students to do well, pass the test, and 
learn to be a safe hunter. I've had good success.