Bow Hunter Education Overview

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Who must take a Bow Hunter Education Certification Course?

Bow Hunter Education in Texas is an NBEF-Approved Course (National Bowhunter Education Foundation)
Bow Hunter Education is “voluntary” in Texas except to archery hunt big game at the Hagermann NWR (US Fish and Wildlife). It also may be required on other local or federal lands.
Several states and provinces outside of Texas require bow hunter education training that can be taken here in Texas.
Minimum age for certification is currently 9 years of age.

Training consists of:
1. Safe, responsible use of and familiarization with archery equipment
2. Tree Stand Safety and use of elevated stands
3. Understanding and practice with the equipment for ethical shots
4. Game recovery and trailing techniques
5. Practicing shots from various angles and distances
6. Responsible bow hunting and shooting practices

Bow Hunter Education certification does not substitute for Texas Hunter Education Certification.
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